Store Stem Cells
Now Use Stem Cells in the Future

StemInsure® Providing a Lifetime of Stem Cells for Your Dog

Why Store Stem Cells for Your Dog?

As your dog ages, he is likely to develop arthritis or injure a cruciate ligament. The StemInsure service allows fat to be collected when your dog is healthy and stores your dog’s own Stem Cells so that they can be cultured to supply a lifetime of stem cell therapy.

StemInsure Description

  • We will collect a small sample of fat during a surgical procedure such as a spay, neuter or other surgery requiring anesthesia.
  • We then ship the fat overnight to Vet-Stem for processing and stem cell banking.

Cell Culturing

  • In the future, when your dog needs stem cells, we can order cell culturing to provide a lifetime of stem cell therapy for your dog.

Banked Dose Processing

  • We can order the banked doses of stem cells to treat your dog any time in the future after culturing.

What can be Treated with Stem Cells?

  • Current uses include arthritis, tendon and ligament injuries, and muscle injuries.
  • Future uses may include treatment of kidney, liver, heart, and immune mediated diseases.

Benefits of StemInsure

  • Store stem cells while your dog is young and healthy.
  • One fat collection can provide a lifetime of stem cell therapy for your dog.
  • StemInsure can be an affordable way to store stem cells for your dog.

Important Considerations

  • Cell culturing and banked dose processing incur additional cost. We can provide you with estimates of potential future costs for treatment.
  • Vet-Stem will store the StemInsure sample for one year at no charge. After one year Vet-Stem will bill you directly for the storage of the StemInsure sample which is only $50 per year.